Weather and Climate Handbook

Facts On File, Inc., New

ISBN: 0816049610

Weather and Climate Handbook
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Here is the book where you can find clear, short answers to all your questions about weather and climate. What is the Ekman layer? Where would you experience the gallego? What is the umkehr effect? Who was Tor Bergeron? Those are four
Handbook has answers to more than 2,000.

The Facts On File Weather and Climate Handbook has a glossary with definitions of more than 2,000 terms, biographies of around 100 scientists, and a chronology listing important advances in climate science from 340
BCE, when Aristotle coined our word "meteorology", to 2001, when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published its fourth report.

In addition, the book has more than 20 tables listing the composition of
the atmosphere, the change of air density with altitude, the change of
boiling point with air pressure, specific heat capacities of a range of
substances, and much, much more. It even lists all the names that are used
for hurricanes and typhoons.

‘This work is a comprehensive, handy reference tool for weather and climate. The glossary is especially comprehensive and well worth the modes price of the volume. … This work is recommended for all reference collections.’
Ralph Lee Scott, School Library Journal.