The Gardenerís Guide to Weather & Climate

Timber Press, Portland, Oregon.

The Gardenerís Guide to Weather & Climate
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A Change in the Weather
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This is a 313-page book about weather and climate written specifically for gardeners. It explains weather phenomena, describes how the weather produces soils, how plants adapt to climate, and much more.

Dangerous Weather

Facts On File, Inc., New York.

This is a series of eight books, each of just over 120 pages plus index. They're illustrated with diagrams, maps, and black and white photographs. Although they're written for students, anyone interested in weather and climate will find them invaluable for their explanations of what makes really bad weather happen and what's going on inside big storms.

Five of the books describe the fiercest and most dangerous kinds of weather our planet can produce. They introduce young readers to the basics of meteorology and climatology, but in an easy style and simple language.

Fog, Smog, and Poisoned Rain is about air pollution. It explains how air pollution happens and what is being done about it. People sometimes imagine that air pollution is a new problem. This view is mistaken. Air pollution has a very long history and there have been times when locally it was far worse than it is today. This book tells the story of air pollution over the centuries.

A Change in the Weather describes the way climate has changed in the past and how it is changing today. The worldís climate is constantly changing. This book tells of climate changes that have altered the course of history. It also explains what is going on at present.

A Chronology of Weather describes how the weather has changed over the centuries and then lists particular examples of "dangerous weather" over the last 5000 years. Then there is a similar list of discoveries that have helped scientists to understand the way our atmosphere works.