A Change in the Weather

Facts On File, Inc., New York

A Change in the Weather
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Climate is changing, but that is nothing new, because the climate has been changing throughout most of our planet's history. A Change in the Weather describes some of those past changes - ice ages, the warm middle ages, and the Little Ice Age when Londoners held fairs on the frozen Thames. The book tells of climatic events that altered the course of history.

And obviously the book explains the change that is taking place today and why it is happening. It discusses the possible consequences. How warm will the world become? Will sea levels rise and if so by how much? Will the ice caps melt?

Using simple language and with full explanations of all technical terms, A Change in the Weather also outlines the way the weather works and how climates develop.

Like the other titles in the Dangerous Weather series, A Change in the Weather will be invaluable to students of weather and of environmental sciences, and will provide informative and entertaining reading to anyone wanting more information about our climate and its possible