Fog, Smog & Poisoned Rain

Facts On File, Inc., New York

Fog, Smog & Poisoned Rain
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Fog, Smog & Poisoned Rain explains what air pollution is, what causes it, and what happens to pollutants once they mix with the air. This is a new title for the revised edition of the Dangerous Weather series of books. The series is targeted for middle school and high school students, teachers, and general readers.
Read about
What happens when fuel burns
Acid rain
Ozone and the ozone layer
Pollution from volcanoes, wildfires, and trees
How to trap air pollutants
and much, much more

‘Well-written, somewhat dense chapters provide enough material for students researching meteorology, climatology, and the environment. … Libraries needing a resource devoted to air pollution and its consequences will find this a satisfactory purchase.’
Shauna Yusko, School Library Journal, October 2003.

‘A comprehensive review of both natural and human-caused atmospheric pollution. … This is a worthwhile book for general readers.’
Allen E. Staver, American Reference Books Annual 2004.

‘The conditions and history of air quality are described in clear, segmented explanations with diagrams, charts, maps, and tables. … Very detailed concise explanations of the conditions and contributing factors start each section. Sidebars of additional explanatory information on topics such as temperature inversions, El Niño, and fuel cells appear every few pages. … The documentation of effects on humans … is impressive … The impressive breadth and depth of the topics make it a valuable resource, especially in view of the small amount of materials available on air pollution. Highly recommended.’
Jane Cabaya, Library Media Connection, February 2004.