Biomes of the Earth

Facts On File, Inc., New York.

Deserts ISBN - 0816053200

Grasslands ISBN - 0816053235

Tropical Forests ISBN - 0816053227

Temperate Forests ISBN - 0816053219

Biomes of the Earth is a set of ten volumes describing all the world’s major biomes. I’ve written four of the books in the set: Deserts, Grasslands, Tropical Forests, and Temperate Forests.

Each book describes a particular biome. It explains where the biome is found and what it is like. It explains the climate and geology that make it the way it is, how its ecology works, and how its human inhabitants have adapted to it. The book tells of the history of the biome, in some cases of the civilisations that have developed within it — and sometimes vanished from it.

Finally, each book outlines the biome’s present state of health and its likely future.

The Biomes of the Earth books are fully illustrated, with colour photos, maps, and diagrams. Each book has a glossary and full index.

  Biomes of the Earth - Deserts   Biomes of the Earth - Grasslands
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  Biomes of the Earth - Tropical Forests   Biomes of the Earth - Temperate Forests
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'A student who looked over a volume for me was impressed with the simple, clear text and appealing pictures and sidebars. His class had just covered that material and he liked the way it was presented. If you need to update your science collection, or never have enough books on this topic for reports, this set is a must purchase. Highly Recommended.’
Leslie Schoenherr, Book Report, November/December 1999

‘This systematic reference tool will receive heavy use in any collection serving students with ecology assignments. … The text is specific, with a generous but not too overwhelming use of scientific nomenclature.’
John Peters, School Library Journal, November 1999