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Tornadoes - "twisters" - are the most terrifying and most dangerous winds anyone can hope never to experience. Most descend out of huge, black storm clouds, but there are exceptions. There are an average 1,000 tornadoes in
America every year. That is more than anywhere else, but tornadoes can and do happen in Britain.

The revised edition of Tornadoes has been fully updated and expands on the popular first edition. It explains what tornadoes are, how they develop, where they happen, and what they can do. It describes some of the freak effects they produce - such as demolishing one half of a building while leaving the other half unscathed.

"Tornadoes" will tell you, in simple language, everything you ever wanted to know about twisters, whirlwinds, waterspouts, dust devils, water devils, and spinning air in all its forms. It will appeal to students and teachers, but also to the general reader.